Cosy minimalist living room tour | Before and after

In this video I’m sharing the cosy minimalist living room in my apartment at Södermalm in Stockholm. I’m also sharing how it transforms into a bedroom for my son Wille when he sleeps over.

What attracted me to this apartment aside from the outside space were the tall ceilings and the large windows.

Here in Sweden it’s so dark in the winter time so every bit of extra light I can get all year around is much appreciated.

I always start out with all white everything and I realise that some of you may not like it but I really do. To me it’s very calming and very cosy.

I haven’t bought a lot of new things for this place but I’ll try and link some items below. If you are wondering about something specific and not mentioned let me know in a comment.

Armchairs: Google ”galaxy alf svensson dux”

Sofa bed:

Stools (used as coffee tables):

TV bench: Samsung Smart TV

Apple TV:


Kitty door:




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