Interior Design — This Minimalist Home Is Surprisingly Family-Friendly

Designer Jeanette Hlinka shares a modern, minimalist, black and white home she designed for a single mother and her ten-year-old son. See how she created a streamlined space that looks picture-perfect, but is also completely livable.

While most of the furniture is white, Jeanette used low-maintenance materials like easy-to-clean vinyl for the dining chairs and a washable slipcover on the sofa. In the living room, a modern black fireplace adds a graphic punch to the all-white space, while a large abstract painting in the dining room steals the show. A dated kitchen was transformed into a streamlined space with shaker-front cabinetry and sleek appliances. The master bedroom exudes the understated luxury of a chic hotel room, while the boy’s bedroom is clean and minimalist with a few playful accessories.