Minimalist Bathroom Tour | Scandinavian | Shower Edition

My minimalist bathroom which is Scandinavian, the shower edition, is what this video is about.

I’m not a bather and when you’re not and only use the tub as a shower tray it’s such a nuisance.

I got rid of the tub and went for as sleek a glass wall as I could without going custom.

Before returning things into their places I gave the whole bathroom a good cleaning.

I had cleaned the walls and scrubbed the floor prior to installation to make sure I got all the grease and residue off before they installed the glass.

After installation I needed to give it a good cleaning again to get rid of the dust from drilling and fingerprints.

I found Danish shower shelves via Pinterest and tracked down a Swedish source. Very solid powder coated steel so I hope they will last me. I got two and the bottom one holds pump bottles with soap, schampoo and conditioner. The top holds the little not so pretty things like foot file, razor etc.

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